i remember HAPPY mOMs DAY

I remember!

I remember the warmth and love you gave a sweet lil boy who is now a hardened man. The balance of a mother’s love I missed for many years.

"Mein kleiner", "mein engel" those were the little names you had for me. I was the sunshine in your life.
I remember.

I remember, the many days you would wait outside the school gate, waiting with a warm smile while I would run into your arms. The caring touch to put me to sleep at night.
I remember.

I I knew you were getting sicker without me being there. How I wish i could’ve been there.
I remember!

10 years gone by.
I remember the first time I saw you again - lying sick and helpless in your death bed. It broke my heart into a million pieces. The regret. The pain. The tears. I was broken. Broken that you could not recognize me anymore - your lil boy!
I remember!

When you passed, a part of me died. More regret. More pain. But I made a promise to myself. A promise to be a better man. To make you proud and remember you in my prayers. A promise that I will be a good man, a good father and husband. I promise to honor u.
I will remember!

Meine mama. I love you! Today, tomorrow and forever.
I will always remember you.

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