ni video kami dak2 mmmc 22nd batch.. 1st time dtg sini mmg semangat habes la.. then da masok 2 3 minggu da mula ingat msia.. ahha.. biase ar tu.. rindu tempoyak udang.. nasik lemak.. roti canai.. ada yg miss family.. miss balak awek masing2..

mmmc ape tu? melaka manipal medical CoLLege..

Melaka Manipal Medical College is a Malaysian private medical college which offers a twinning MBBS degree (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) programme for medical undergraduates. It is the first and only college to offer a twinning medical degree programme between Malaysia and India.

Students undergo 2.5 years of basic sciences and introductory clinical training in the Manipal Campus in Karnataka state of India and later another 2.5 years follow-up with further medical education and clinical training at the Melaka Campus in Malaysia.

It is a constituent college of the prestigious Manipal University (formerly known as Manipal Academy of Higher Education or MAHE), the first and largest private university in India till date. Its medical colleges consistently rank in the top 10 in India.

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fizi said...

haha..aku masih ingat that video kita tengok waktu orientasi..sedih saja ingat nak balik Malaysia

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